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On this page, I’ve provided answers to a lot of the most common questions people tend to ask me. However, if your particular question isn’t highlighted here, please don’t hesitate to call me at the studio or send me an email.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I go about being tattooed by you?
The best way to begin making an appointment with me is by arranging a consultation by calling the studio on 01322 559992. This is a 15-30 minute chat that we can use to break the ice and discuss what it is that you would like to be designed.

After speaking, I will be able to give you a rough estimation of how long the tattoo will take to complete, along with an estimation of cost.

If you wish to proceed with making an appointment from here, then I can let you know available dates and take a deposit to secure your booking. This is not obligatory, and if you need some more time to think about your tattoo then that is no problem.

All consultations are free of charge and are an important part of the process.

Do I need to leave a deposit?
A deposit must be left with the studio to secure any appointment, the amount of which is determined by the length of your booking. Deposits can be made either in the studio or via telephone card payment for long distance clients. All deposits are non-refundable.
How long is your waiting list?
My waiting list varies throughout the year, but is usually at least 2 – 3 months. Please don’t let this affect your decision though. Surely it is a good thing?
How much will my tattoo cost?
This is dependent on the individual size and complexity of the particular piece. Approximate quotes can be given in the consultation stage of the design but can never be guaranteed.
Can you design my tattoo for me?
I specialise in creating custom designs for my clients. All I ask for is a few references images to draw from, and the understanding that I am only able to draw in my own style. So long as you have browsed my portfolio and like what I have done in the past then everything should work out great.
Can you copy a tattoo like for like?
Absolutely not. I will never replicate an existing tattoo. It it far more beneficial for myself and my client to create a unique custom piece.
Will my appointment finish at a guaranteed time?
Given the organic nature of creating a tattoo, whilst every effort will be made to be finished at the given time, this is not always a certainty.
I need to cancel my appointment?
If you need to cancel your appointment please feel free to contact the studio on 01322 559992. So long as you rearrange your tattoo at least 7 days prior to your appointment then your deposit will be carried over. This can be done only once. If you would prefer to cancel your appointment as opposed to rearranging then unfortunately your deposit will be lost.
Will I see my design before my appointment?
I try my best to allow all of my clients to see their design 2 – 3 days prior to their appointment, to ensure that they are happy with what I have drawn for them. At this point, minor changes can be made to the design before the big day.
Do you do coverups?
I am very particular about the coverup projects that I agree to take on, and will only do so with a face to face consultation. This is to ensure that I can successfully cover the existing tattoo without the piece becoming detrimental to the new design. For more information on coverups feel free to call the studio on 01322 559992.
Can I have a friend with me when I get my tattoo?
Due to the busy nature of the studio, and our endeavour to create a relaxing and pleasant environment to work and to be tattooed in, we are unfortunately unable to accommodate plus-ones in the tattooing area. Your friends or relatives are of course welcome to wait for you in the reception of the studio though.
Are my children allowed in the studio?
Unfortunately nobody under the age of 18 (except for piercings) are allowed in the studio, especially pushchairs, toddlers, and young babies.
I live a long distance from you. Can I still make an appointment without a face to face consultation?
Of course. Although not ideal I can happily take on long distance clients and discuss their ideas via email and phone. Even with long distance clients, the best ways to get in touch to begin with are either via email or by contacting me at the studio on 01322 559992.
Do you do "private" work?
Private work is essentially a blanket term for unlicensed work outside of a registered studio, and so no – I don’t do anything like that.
I am under 18 years old. Will you tattoo me with parental consent?
No… so much no. Tell your parents I told them to be more responsible.